Manage your entire affiliate organization with unprecedented ease.

BeyondAffiliate has all the features and functionality you need to manage your affiliate organization easily and efficiently. A comprehensive affiliate platform, it is equally-suited to large, complex organizations, brand affiliates programs and independent affiliates. As a web-based solution, BeyondAffiliate makes it easy to securely administer and execute affiliate management tasks whether you are in the office or on the move.

An extensive features list includes a variety of performance tracking tools, real-time reporting, and full integration with third-party applications. BeyondAffiliate keeps you connected by allowing you to make phone calls, send SMS and read and reply to emails right from the dashboard. With complete billing and payments solution, and all the tools you need to identify and close leads, BeyondAffiliate has all the tools you need manage your entire organization in a single work environment.

Features & Benefits

You entire affiliate organization at a glance.

BeyondAffiliate’s dashboard gives you a centralized view of your entire affiliate program, so you always know exactly how your organization is performing. An intuitive interface lets you manage everything from recruiting to invoicing, earnings to file management, all from one convenient application. Purpose-built with real-time reporting, easy-to-read charts and graphs, including traffic logs, daily activities and marketing statistics, it has all the functionality you need to effectively manage your entire marketing department.

All your favorite tools in one convenient platform.

Enhance the power of the tools you are currently using to manage your affiliates. BeyondAffiliate provides full integration of a wide range of third-party tools, applications and data sources, including DropBox, Google Drive, Basecamp, Excel, Twilio and many others. It also allows easy integration of all major affiliate tools, providing full API access to HasOffers, Cake Marketing and DirectTrack. BeyondAffiliate combines all of these tools into a single convenient affiliate management working environment.

Everything you need to find, negotiate and close needs – all from a single dashboard.

BeyondAffiliate’s recruitment module helps you maximize your revenue by identify and connecting with hot leads. A built-in suite of hunting tools to help you find, prospect for and close deals with affiliates and potential partners. From pre-screening to deal closing, BeyondAffiliate’s intelligent recruitment workflow helps you ensure valuable business partnerships are nurtured – not forgotten about.

The easy way to stay in touch with your entire organization.

The key to any successful organization is communication. BeyondAffiliate makes it easy to communicate with your affiliate base, advertisers and customers by allowing you to send and receive emails, SMS and voice calls right from your dashboard. And all communications are all recorded and archived for easy referral, so you’ll never miss a message.

The best way to manage your schedule.

Keep track of everything on your busy schedule with BeyondAffiliate’s event management functionality. Perfect for managing tasks, events and reminders, the built-in calendar function gives you one less thing to worry about.

All your files in one convenient location.

BeyondAffiliate makes files management easy by letting you add, manage and share files directly from the application. You can compile reports, analyze data and share your findings without even minimizing your screen. For added convenience and security, BeyondAffiliate integrates with all major cloud networks, so you can upload and manage your no matter where you are. It’s the easy way to oversee your entire affiliate organization from one location.

A more convenient invoicing option.

Make late payments a thing of the past with invoicing direct from your dashboard. BeyondAffiliate features a complete payments solution that lets you create, manage and send invoices directly from the app. Automated billing and payments means no more copying and pasting, no more mailing or faxing, and no more accounting-related stress and headaches.

Know exactly where the time is going.

Make sure all your time is being put to good use. BeyondAffiliate’s time tracking functionality gives you everything you need to increase productivity across the board. Up to the second activity reporting with live screenshots helps you identify and eliminate timewasters for you and your staff. Your choice of time models means you get the information you need in the format you prefer. Ideal for hourly rate bases, it is a great way to manage time more effectively.

The right amount of access for every level.

Managing users and assigning roles and permissions is simple with BeyondAffiliate. Featuring three access levels, you can grant or limit access to certain functions for each member of your team, ensuring they all have the functionality they need to perform their jobs. Depending on the needs of each individual, you can grant access to the complete organization with company level access, supervisory capabilities with head of department level access, or basic functionality with affiliate manager level access. If someone should change roles, changing permissions is quick and easy.

The information you need, right at your fingertips.

Track campaigns and performance accurately and instantly with a variety of reports, graphs and charts. BeyondAffiliate’s measurement and reporting tools provide both high-level and in-depth reports on income, affiliates and much more.

Different currencies are no problem.

International affiliates are not a problem for BeyondAffiliate, which lets you manage earnings and expenses in a variety of currencies. Pay affiliates in their preferred currency and BeyondAffiliate will convert it for you. Just enter the conversion rates on the back end and everything else is automatic.

Use Cases

BeyondAffiliate is designed to cater to the needs of a variety of affiliate managers – from large affiliate organizations with thousands of affiliates, to independent affiliate managers working with hundreds of offers. Some of the use cases that we cater to are outlined below.

Large Networks

BeyondAffiliate is powerful enough to cater to large affiliate networks that have thousands of offers (advertisers) and thousands of affiliates. This scale – relatively common in industries such as Forex and Gaming – is well within the scope of what BeyondAffiliate can handle.

Brand Affilate Programs

BeyondAffiliate caters to brand affiliate programs that have a full structured department consisting of an Owner, Head Affiliate and Affiliate Managers. The platform is designed to support three access levels as well as sub-levels..

Independent Affiliates

BeyondAffiliate caters to individual affiliates who work with many affiliates and sources of offers. Although we can support much larger scale operations, the platform is well-equipped to serve the needs of such affiliates.

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